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1st November - Been a manic period of work commitments, holidays, odd injuries, but we back with some gigs thru to the end of the year and then celebrate ten dirty naughty rhythms years with lots of fun and frolics in 2016, so if you want to say you were there at the 10th anniversary gigs then book us and lets party. 

21st July - Thanks to all new friends and old for a splendiforous fantastical few weeks of Festivals n ongoing gigs, its been wild n emotional, and we are back working at the Acre on Saturday night, so get those boogie dancing shoes n lets party....  

7th May- Few more gigs, new venues, festivals all coming your way soon, dont forgot to support live music n party til you drop, and there aint nothing like raunchy dirty rhythm n blues, its a drug n you all need it. You know it makes sense....

28th March - More new venues, the Frogs are back in town, great night and some wild rock n roll and dirty rhythms cheers to Hannah, Chris, and the Tattoed lady, see ya at the Acre next week.

1st March 2015 - New venue last night and a few family faces and lots of dirty rhythms, big fanx to Phil the harp for standing in at the last minute, great night was had by all, dont forget to like facebook n look at the ramblings on Twitter, see ya soon me darlings. 

14th December - Wow what a great year, and what better way to do last gig of year than with Leigh, Josh and the gang down at the Silver Birch thanks to special guests Dave, Mike, Brian, Roger, Kevin, Phil and Steve Lister for the pics & Big Al for depping on Bass. Thanks to all of you who have attended our gigs, stood in at the last minute on bass and harp and especially the music venues who have continued to support live music and booked us to entertain your punters. Yep we going to do it all over again next year, meanwhile have a wonderful rockin' Christmas and New Year and see you all soon.     

12th October - More mayhem from the new fab four reunited after a few gigs with guest bass & harps, cheers to Mel an Trev and folks at the Acre who again raised the roof and rocked there arses off, cheers for a cracking mental night.

28th September - Cheers Leigh and the Birch Gang (minus the cockwombles) for a great night and for Tone Tanner for bass duties awesome and what a star. Also cheers for Brian M who was the nights special guest. And Steve Lister for photos and superb shots . See ya soon for more mayhem. 

31st August - Couple of cracking weekends rocking the 3rd Rory Festival with the Bullfrogs, cheers to Rory Steve and Merv for hosting and inviting us se ya next year for more fun. And this week with the New LSD which is L A P D great weekend and lots of fun cheers to all who took part organised and went the extra mile in putting these superb events on, looking forward to seeing you all soon. 

17th August - Cheers to Leigh and all at the Birch (Karen, Dave, Steve Lister and all those who turned up to watch and join in, especially Phil the harp for vocals and standing in for us, plus Brian for making a special guest appearance. See you at Nantwich next weekend folks. 

3rd August - Hmm been a while since we waxed lyrically, well we have been doing lots of charity gigs and last night got back to proper rock n roll and our usual 2.5 hour gig at the Thatchers, many thanks to the legends that are Brian Mainwaring and the mighty Tone Tanner for depping at the last minute, and all who made us welcome, Vicky & bar staff, the Tattoed lady, Jamie and too many to mention, thanks you all and we will see you all soon for more mayhem and naughty rhythms.     

8th June -  A wonderful weekend of naughty rhythms last night the Bullfrogs went zero sea level in the basement bar at the Acre superb night big fanx to hardworking bar staff, Mel, Trevor and all our mates, families who turned up. And Friday was lovely doing some BBQ Blues and rock to the gang at the Bird in Hand, once again a spectacular evennig and thanks to Phil the Harp and the guvnor's for inviting us along. Got a couple of charity gigs coming up for great causes, see ya all there. 

27h April - Hi ya folks we had a great night in good old Twyford with friends old and new and hopefully see you all at the Twyford Festival in late May, got a couple of weeks to suss some new numbers (a free beer for anyone who can name the 125 songs previously played at gigs) and a few rehearsals and a bit of studio time. See ya soon folks.

20th April - Just loving it 3 on the spin and great new songs added to set & more to come, thanks the magical dancers and singalong crowd at both Legion & also once again to our Boss Mel at the Acre thanks geezer and cheers to all who have believed and supported us and kept the faith. 

6th April - What one say about two great weekends of Birthday Gigs, and superb fun big thanks to Sue for organising a great bash in Great Milton, and thanks to Leigh for sharing her birthday nuptules at the Birch las night. Look out for some great festivals over  the summer which we will be performing rocking n preaching and spreading the Bullfrog ways.

23rd February - Cheers to all who popped down to the Britannia last night, lovely proper music venue that deserves your support in keeping music alive, couple of weeks rehearsals and some new songs to sort, see ya all soon.

2nd February - Wow what can we say thanks Leigh for another great night at the Birch and big special thanks to the legend that is Tone Tanner for stepping in at 2 hours notice to provide the bass licks, just like he'd been in the band for years, cheers Tone owe you big time. and young Brian for joing us for some mean Harp work.

26th January - Great night at the Thatchers cheers Rita and the gan, plus Mr Mike & all who partied for a cracking nite. see ya soon. Back to Bracknell next week for more fun n frolics 

19th January - Kickstarted the year with a great gig in Twyford, Thanks to the Pigott School of 77/78 for crazy dancing & Maggie & Murdo for superb hospitality, see ya next week in Woodley for more fun n frolics.

29th December - Big thanks to all of the venues, those who turned up to support us, those who danced, clapped, sang and drank the night away with us during 2013, we promise more mayhem and naughty rhythms in 2014 see ya all there and have a wonderful New Year.

22nd December - Have a great Christmas and see ya at the Squirrel on the 28th for last of the 2013 naughty rhythms.

8th December - What can a Geezer say, two cracking weeks with aHat Feast at the Legion in Marston, with the outstanding Phil D depping on harp and vox, plus numerous dancers. Then a great night with the gang and guests in Bracknell and some rival signs from Leigh cheers me beauties see ya next week, which will be even more crazy.

22nd November - Let the festivities begin, band back from hols and cold beers and now ready to to rock, see ya in Oxford on Saturday night.

20th October - Cracking night down at the Silver Birch and loads of good friends partying and guesting thanks Leigh, Azza, Big Al, Rog and everyone for coming, got a few weeks hols and sleep to catch up on and then back with a vengeance late November, see ya soon Bullfrogers.

22nd September - A great couple of weeks with Dougie, Bob & the gang at the Mohawk Festival, followed by a cracking night at the Acre club with some great boogieing, dancing and lovely people. Couple of weeks break so the band can have some holidays, see you soon pop pickers.

18th August - Great night at the bikers bash in Wallingford, lovely people, shame first couple of bands didnt bother to show up, but meant we got to play for 150 minutes, see you guys next year.

11th August 2013 - Currently doing a tidy up of the website & also updating links, so watch for a few updates and if you want stuff included tell us, we are here to please.

12th July - Some great gigs coming up in Windsor, Oxford & Bracknell, see ya there for some more wild naughty rhythms. 

30th June - Once again the Sliver Birch rocked, good luck to Debs & Rog & all who came down and partied.

9th June - Brilliant night at the Butchers Arms, to raise month for the guidedog society. big thanks to Phil for providing yet again superb harp & vocals, plus our hosts Mike & Claire who organised the event (with the lovely landlady) and also for Mike getting up and playing half a dozen numbers with us. A superb night "watch this space" for another charity gig later this year. 

25th May - Two new venues, so get down and support your favourite Rhythm n Blues Band.

14th April - Cheers to Martin & the gang at the Dukes for a great night, see ya all again soon, and thanks to Leigh n Ellie the week before for making us so welcome as always. We have LSD gig this Friday at the George & Dragon in Upton (LSD are Del, Rik & Big Al) playing  lots of different rock, RnB & everything that boogies.

31st March - Thanks to Mel & all at the Acre in Windsor for a fabulous night & the great audience for joining in, see ya next week at the Silver Birch for birthdays & engagement parties. (Leigh at 28 & Roger & Debs engagements)

9th February - Thanks Everyone at the Dukes Head you folks made it a superb evening, and great night, we have a few band holidays and also about a dozen new songs to look at over coming weeks, so see ya in March at Liberal Club in Windsor.

3rd February 2013 - Big Fanx to Leigh & all those who turned up last night at the Silver Birch in Bracknell for a great Night & the legendary Rog the bassman for doing a couple of numbers. See ya next week at the Duke new venue 8.30pm start you know it makes sense. 

30th December - To all who have supported us and have turned up in crap weather conditions to enjoy our unique brand of naughty rhythms this year we wish you a happy new year and a prosperous 2013. See ya at the Windsor Liberal Club on the 19th January for some raunchy R n B..

29th December - The sad news for 2013 is our first gig has been cancelled by the Trooper who are no longer doing bands. Apologies for the lateness but we have only just been advised & slightly annoyed as we have turned down other gigs on the dates. and also confirmed the booking last week., so much for honesty & trust.... 

15th December - Thanks Leigh & co for a great nite again, thanks to everyone for a great 2012 - Wishing you all a merry Christmas & New Year & see ya in 2013 for some more naughty rhythms.

2nd December - Thanks everyone for coming to the Trooper last night & big thanks to Claire & Mike on their third wedding anniversary & there getting up and partying with us.

28th October - Band hols then we are back with a vengeance and a few new venues, meanwhile thanks to Murdo & Maggie at the Wagon & Uncle Albert last night for a cracking night.

23rd September - A great month loads of gigs and a wild time at the Star and meeting some great people (Cheers Steve and co) plus we are negotiating with some new venues for next year so watch this space. If you cant be good be lucky....

16th August - Manic few weeks ahead with both Old & New venues and a couple of great Festivals, see ya all there.

22nd July - Back in the swing with a good old fashioned knees up, now got a busy 8 weeks with lots of gigs and fun, see ya there.

20th April - Great couple of weeks thanks to Phil for depping at Windsor what a superb musician he is. & this was followed by Del, Big Al & Rik as LSD at the Dirty Donkey bikers bash a storming night - thanks to all involved at both venues, see ya on the 28th in Bracknell

4th March - Lots of new songs in the pipeline watch this space or get down and see us in Windsor in a few weeks.

29th Jan - Thanks to Adele & all at the Birch (and happy B'day to Matt) good luck to Adele in her new job, keep in touch.

15th Jan - Thanks to Mel, Rita & B'day boy Steve for a cracking nite at great venue, if you get a chance go down to the Liberal Club in Windsor for great beer food & live music especially when we are there. 

30th December - Hope you are all prospering with excess booze and food & hope to se you in the New Year to work off the extra few pounds.

28th June - Back to back gigs & a few more lined up, we've met lots of new audiences and some new great friends, big thanks to Gerry & his gang at the Duke (must get someone to drive me there so I can have a proper beer) the folks from Wargrave who danced themselves silly, (we've got the DVD to prove it) plus Murdo & Maggie at the Wagon which is like home to us. 

6th June - Loads of good gigs coming up in June check us out for the usual dirty rhythms & tell your mates.

13th March - Times flown by we've had a gig in Sandhurst with Big Al Depping at the last minute & also a great 50th Birthday for Tim in Surrey, lots more stuff to come plus over 100 gigs as the Bullfrogs only got 900 more to become a proper band.

23rd November  - Few more gigs in pipeline watch this space for more detail

23rd October - Cheers for all coming to see us in recent weeks much appreciated, got some new gigs being lined up & also some well deserved holidays & mini tours.

23rd August - Apologies for lack of updates, but removal men came and went and took me from the padded cell to a new secure environment, we are back with a vengeance 3 new gigs in August starting with the Frog & Wicket on the 14th August - dont you just love the sound of that venue !!!

7th June - Cheers to all at the Bell, for a great Beer fest last Saturday, see ya all down at Fox n Hounds for some new numbers and a good old pre world cup knees up. 

21st May - Last 6 weeks have flown by, lots of new venues some lovely new mates & some great support, from Azza, Big Al & George for giving us a chance to show our naughty rhythms, we are lining up some more venues & gigs so keep in touch & email us to stay on the emailing list.

5th March - Exciting times ahead in the 5 Counties Tour in April, thats after the drummers completed rehab & refurbished his wardrobe and hats. See ya there lots of great new songs & wild partying. (5 New Venues)

12th January 2010 - Just started to finalise gigs for the forthcoming year, if any of you fancy a wild nite, text or email & we will be happy to get on down and boogie for you, remember you haven't lived until you've had some of those Naughty Bullfrog Rhythms.

23rd December 09 - Thanks to  all you folks out there for your support over the last 12 months, see ya for a more active 2010 have a Great Christmas & New Year ... Derek, Michelle, Dave, Rik

13th November - Two weeks to go til the Headline at South Hill Park and we will be introducing a special guest & play some tunes that no one ever dares to play so get your tickets early and come on down for a cracking nite of fun blues rock and those all important Naughty Rhythms !!!

15th October - Hi guys n gals, the Bullfrogs are back with there "Fistful of Gigs" tour. See ya soon folks. 

20th August - Its a small world but I wouldn't want to paint it, but meanwhile with holidays and venues pulling out at last minute, its all gone a bit Pete Tong, gives us a chance to work on some new stuff and start sniffing around some new venues, we will return as another legend once said. 

7th June - Hi Pop pickers, the Bullfrogs bounced back with a vengeance after a  a lengthy break due to Holidays and Family commitments with some new songs, Big Al on stand in Bass and once again a great audience cheers to Doug / Carol / Eugene and all who made the night a wonderful occasion, see ya  Next Friday. 

18th March - Thanks to all for coming down to the Nags, got a few holidays in the band so a low profile will be had over the next few weeks. But we are lining stuff up in May & June, so watch this space for more detail. 

8th March - Back to business last night with a few new numbers and some great people at the Lock Stock, thanks to the folks from Kent who spent all night drinkin & rockin with us. See you at the Nags Head on the 17th. 

15th February - Been a couple of weeks since we last did anything, crap weather has meant no rehearsals, but we are back with some gigs in March at Lock Stock n Barrel on the 7th & also Nags Head on Tuesday 17th ask you parents to stay up late on a week night will be worth the wait. 

14th January - Yep into 2009 and kicking off festivities with a gig at the Coppid Beech Hotel in the Bier Keller, we aim to introduce them to our own Unique Eclectic Brand Of Vaudevillian Rock"N"Roll, See ya there, you've been warned.

7th December - Thanks to Sarah & Pete for a great welcome at the George & all manic dancers and singers who jumped around and helped us play our instruments, a great night was had by all. Having a few weeks off to recover from a great year, thanks to all of you for your support over the last 12 months, and to our great stand in's Big Azza, Big Al, Jim its appreciated and hope to see you in the new year. Have a great Christmas 

3rd November - What can I say I was ready to quit, and then I went to Twyford, what a great night lots of great friends old & new, (too many to mention) its a two way process  a great venue & a participating crowd, it all comes together and then suddenly you want to play and party all night as one big family, big thanks to Mr Jim Reece who stood in on bass and was tremendous, and a big thanks to all who turned up and made it such a great night. We owe you one.     

15th November - Thanks to all of you who came down the Bridge on Friday, nice to see new & old faces, Cheers to Big Azza for getting up & blowing a few numbers with us, and once again all the folks in the Bridge who made us so welcome. (Check out the Didcot Blues Club on Friday 21st Nov for the Roadkill Rockers)

8th November - Apologies to any one who turned up on Saturday night at the Jolly Farmer expecting us to rock n roll, unfortunately we turned up as well only to be told that the gig was cancelled by the management. So we currently have one un happy band. See ya at the Bridge on Friday night.

26th October - Thanks to all at the Carpenters for making us feel so welcome, hope to be back there in the New Year, got a few busy weeks lined up, so get on down & see us, we are also knocking some new numbers out. 

4th October - Got a few weeks break now, but have passed a couple of re-organised gigs across to our mates in the Traveling Shoes, so get on down the George V on Saturday 11th October for a good night, meanwhile we are back in a few weeks when the drummer gets out of rehab and his drum stools have been rebuilt, see ya soon. 

6th September - Got a new venue to lay at next week, "Bridge house" come on down and support us, also we are now organising 2009 dates, so if you want us drop us an email and we will coordinate dates accordingly.

10th August - Thanks to all for couple of good gigs, we are now trying to sort a few gaps in the calendar for this year & start planning a new set for 2009, watch this space and if you want a lively, dirty, naughty rhythm & booze band drop us an email.

20th July - Thanks to Paul & the gang at the Old Ford for making us feel so welcome and all of the people who screamed shouted sang & danced the night away with us. Also we are still totting up the money but it looks like we have raised over 400 quid so far from the charity gig last weekend, Many thanks to all who helped contributed. 

12th July - Big thanks to Martin & the Carpenters & all of our friends (new & old) who turned up on Saturday to support the charity gig and raise funds for this worthwhile charity, a very special night for all of us. We are back next Friday new venue hope to see you all there. 

6th July - Hi all, got a special charity gig at the Carpenters Arms in Camberley this weekend get all of your mates to come down and support this worth while and special charity, all proceeds will be going to the Fund at Frimley Park Hospital. See you all there.

21st June - What a cracking night great to se a pub jammed packed and lots of people having a good time, even managed a beer or two myself. Cheers to Pete & Sarah for kick starting what will be a great venue in Wycombe. We have the Wagon & Horses, followed by a Cancer Charity gig on the 12th July, come down & support a great charity.

12th June - Great time was had by all, lot of friendly faces who enjoyed a good time thanks to Richard & the gang for their hospitality, (got some good bands coming on soon as well) Meanwhile check us out next Saturday 21st June at the George V in High Wycombe, brand new music venue that needs your support.

1st June - Get your kicks down at the Dolphin next Friday - Should be a great gig, see ya there. New venue for us all support gratefully received. 

25th May - Cheers to all last night met even more new friends and Newbury's getting like a 2nd home to us all. 

11th May - Thanks to all last night, new friends (Sandy, Caz, Pat) and old friends (Eugene and of course Maggie and her team and anyone I missed) a really hot sticky night, but lots of beers, a few new numbers & great time, see you all soon. 

26th April - Small but enthusiastic crowd and great opportunity to blood half a dozen new songs, even remembered when to start and stop, cheers to the Guv'nor at the Jolly and his passion and enjoyment of live music.

6th April - Many thanks to all at the Lock Stock last night for making us feel at home & so welcome, it was great meeting some new friends, first gig with proper line up for about 4 months. Got a few more gigs over the coming weeks, so watch this space plus we hope new stuff to be aired. 

2nd March - Thanks to the gang down at the Links, we enjoyed ourselves and good to meet some new faces and also catch up with a few of our friends, big thanks to Big Azza who stood in and showed what a great musician he is "Cheers Big Az". Got a few weeks before the next gig (dodgy drummers hols), but then back into April & loads of gigs (hurrah). See ya there. Also check out the trivia loads of updates & new info. 

7th February - Cheers for Pete for standing in for expectant Dad Dave last night we continued to rock n roll in our own unique way and got some great feedback in the process, thanks to all who turned up and boogied with us and we hope to see ya soon. 

6th February  - Only 10 days until we're at the Walnut Tree, get on down for a good night of boogieing and dirty R n B. Plus keep an eye out for some charity gigs through out the next few months, plus a great nights entertainment at Big Azza Jam Night next one is at the Golden Fleece, Hatters Lane, High Wycombe, on Tuesday 19th Feb.

21st January - Apologies for those who turned up on Friday night, unfortunately circumstances beyond our control forced us to cancel, we are hoping to reschedule with Martin at the Carpenters shortly, and will advise accordingly, meanwhile back into rehearsals and some new numbers. 

13th January 2008 - What a geezer Big Al is stepping in at last minute and covering bass on Friday night cheers big fella, many thanks to Lisa and some nice chatty punters at the Lock Stock & Barrel, a great evening despite the crappy weather, (Nb: Riks drum stool has finally retired having submitted to 215 lbs dropping on it from a great height, either lose weight or don't leap in the air)

2nd December - Thanks to Alan & Annie and all at Didcot Blues club for getting up & having a boogie last night, good to see a newish blues venue doing so well, thanks to Big Azza for joining in the fun. And a special thanks to all of those who have supported and had some dirty rhythms with us thru out 2007, have a great Christmas & New Year & see ya in 2008 for more mayhem, and boisterous rhythm and booze.

3rd December - Thanks to all at the Wagon for a cracking night, and especially to Maggie, Carol & Eugene our friendly dancers. See ya in the new year for more Mayhem.

22nd November - Apologies to all of those at the Miners Arms & those who turned up for Saturday postponed gig, unfortunately illness forced us to cancel for the first time ever. We hope to reschedule in the New year, but hope to see you at the Wagon & Horses on the 1st December.

12th November - New venue, new crowd & a good old knees up what more can you ask for on a Saturday night, beer sing song & dancing, many thanks to Graham and all who made it down to the Walnut Tree for an excellent night. Just keeps on getting better. Blimey where's the tissues.

26th October - Get ready to rock n roll we are back, drummers out of rehab, guitarist has given up spanish classics, and we are raring to go, we are gagging to get your mojo's working. 

16th September - Got a few weeks off from gigging due to annual hols, but we will be back with a gig in early October & loads in November / December and loads of new numbers.

4th September - Probably fed up with us ranting & raving about having a great night, loads of booze people dancing, people singing, band having a good time, audience going wild, and drummer going mental but it happened if you were there at the Wagon & Horses Saturday night you know, if you weren't then you missed out. Not much more than I can add apart from get along to the next gig & watch us. No two shows are the same, we dont know what we are going to do, so god help the audience !!! 

20th August - Yep, we cracked it at South Street a big thank you to Andy & the guys for organising a magical night of dirty Rhythm & Booze, great to see a full house at what is going to become one of the best blues clubs around & also the magic of Honey Boy Hickling and his excellent band. Been asked back next year for another gig. Also getting loads of gigs between now & Christmas - if you haven't seen us, check us out.

4th August - New trivia & jokes pages aged check out the Trivia page. 

1st August - Footage of Big George at Cluny, Newcastle film made courtesy of Echo Productions  just incase you missed him.

31st July - Its been an interesting month, a blinding gig for Hev's birthday at the 4 Horseshoe, jammed packed, booze, dancing, singing and a good time had by all, followed by a slick set down at the Pack Horse Inn. and we've even managed to do a few rehearsals as well trying out new material. Got a great gig coming up in a few weeks 16th August with Honey Boy Hickling whose played with some of the best musicians the UK has ever seen (Steve Marriott, Rory Gallagher) promises to be a cracking night of good old fashioned rhythm & booze. Plus we seem to started to attract a following on myspace, over 3000 viewings & 2700 friends, plus countless hits on the music & also 6000 people on YouTube, hopefully doing something right. Currently organising a load of gigs for November & December watch this space. If you need flyers for our gigs just shout. Also coming soon Bullfrog entertainment will proudly announce some trivia, jokes,  you will wonder how you have managed to survive so long with out this useless information. Watch this space.

2nd July - Blimey what a week this has been supporting American Blues Legends "Big George Brock" & "Bill Abey" at South Hill Park to a full house, then another full house at the Wagon & Horses in Twyford where the audience participation was absolutely amazing, (Thanks Carol for  leading the dancing), even had the case of the disappearing drummer as he leapt in the air & ended up in a heap on the ground, new songs & lots of new friends. A big thank you to all of those who attended the gigs & a special thank you for making this a special week for us. We're back on the 14th July at the Four Horseshoes for "Hev's birthday extravaganza" (might even get a party bag LOL). (Also heard our CD has made its way to Holland, Bosnia, Cyprus & New Zealand, USA, Brazil plus Australia). 

21st June - Apologies to those who were expecting us at the Jolly Farmer on Sunday 24th but due to a clerical error, we got relegated to reserve status. We are however re-organising the gig, but fear not we are gigging down the road in Bracknell with Big George on Wednesday 27th June & then a great venue "Wagon & Horse" on the 30th for the "The last chance for a fag gig". Also keep an eye out for the 14th July gig at the Four Horseshoes, which will be a birthday extravaganza. 

19th June - Wow who would have said grab a few weeks rest & come back with a riotous mental set with some new untried numbers and go down a storm, yep were back in town and partying. Big thanks to Ritchie & Sandy who are giving live music a real push on Sunday nights at the Pack Horse, so get down there & support them & the other bands every Sunday evening.

21st May - Another stonking night, even started a Kiwi Fan Club, going to be big down under (no comments please) got a few weeks before we start blitzing the clubs & pubs, but gives us the opportunity to add a few more tunes. Get your merchandise soon before the Kiwi's grab it all.

6th May - Thanks to the NotDed's for inviting us to Didcot and making us feel welcome. We enjoyed ourselves as always and even managed to steam all the windows up, so must have been a good night.  

20th April - New CD available "Live at the Jolly Farmer" see the Music Page or contact us for more details, Dont forget to get your tickets for the Big George Brock gig at South Hill Park promises to be a cracking night and also Honey Boy Hickling at 21 South Street Reading

15th April - What can we say a full house, a sing along crowd, loads of dancing, loads of beer & everyone had a good time, thanks to all of you at Wagon & Horses who made us feel so welcome on our debut at the pub look forward to seeing you soon.  

9th April - Thanks to all who came to the Jolly Farmer great atmosphere, great booze & a good old fashioned knees up & sing a long, thanks again to all for making us feel so welcome. See ya Saturday at the Wagon & Horses in Twyford.

17th March - New dates to be confirmed for Didcot, Camberley, Hurst watch this space. 

11th March - The venues get better & better, Many thanks to Mark & gang at the Four Horseshoes & all of the punters who stayed on after the Rugby to have a Sunday afternoon party, we enjoyed ourselves & everyone else seemed to as well, look forward to seeing you all again in July for a follow up boogie. Looks like its going to be the place to play at in the future. (ps. Cheers for the Pic's Scott) 

07th March - Dont forget new venue - and some new numbers in the Set Sunday 4.00pm at the Four Horseshoes.

18th February - Many thanks to all those who made it to the Jolly Farmer & the hospitality of all at the venue, it was a great night with a really good atmosphere & great audience. There's no better way to spend a Sunday night than boogieing the night away to some great rhythm & blues with lots of new friends.  

15th February 2007 - Hot news straight from the press, the Bullfrogs have secured guest slots with American Blues Legend making his first trip  to the UK, "Big George Brock" in Bracknell on 27th June & also we get the opportunity to support one of the UK's leading  blues musicians "Honey Boy Hickling" at South Street, Reading on 16th August. (see gig page for details)

11th February 2007 - Many thanks to Bob from S H P & the crowd in the Cellar Bar last night, who clapped cheered & sang as loud as they could along with us. It had been a couple of months since we last gigged but the hot reception we got to all of our songs was brilliant, we will have to employ the audience again at all of our gigs judging by the noise you made. For those not there, we kicked off with a couple of Blues numbers "Rock Me Baby" / "My Baby she left me" & launched into a sing along version of Mickey Jupp's "Down at the doctors" followed by some rip roaring tributes to Rory Gallagher & Steve Marriott, before ending with "the Bullfrog Blues". Once again thanks for making it a special night, drop us an email to be added to our mailing list.

5th February 2007 - Been a bit lazy updating the website, but as you can see there are a number of gig coming up over the next few months, also checkout Myspace & Youtube for some video clips & songs. If you want us to play in a venue near you contact us or provide us with the contact details & we will try to arrange it.

5th November - Yet more updates to the website and more info being added to Myspace & YouTube check them out.

22nd November - Yep a few more video clips to be viewed on YouTube

11th November - After a few weeks off we blitzed the Red Lion with two sets of rocking rhythm & blues featuring a mixture of old favourites, along with the introduction of some new songs for audience participation including "Down at the Doctors" "All or nothing" and a blinding "La Bamba" medley to finish, the feedback from all was excellent, cheers to the Red Lion for an excellent night.

30th September - Red Lion Gig confirmed for Saturday 11th November, make a note of it or just ask us to email you nearer the time.

29th September - A few comments so far on our friends Youtube video site "The best part of this is actually that everybody seems to be having a ball and I like that. You guys also have good taste (no pun intended) in material". and also "Ya that's it lads-music means nothing and is not half as good if the musicians are not having a good time themselves-look at any of Gallagher's impassioned performances-keep at it" 

8th September - Yet more coverage yep a couple of short videos which give an insight of the Bullfrogs Live (on

3rd September - One of our friends kindly recorded a few tracks when we appeared at South Hill park in Bracknell, these are now available on 

1st September - If its good enough for ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd & The Hamsters, then it must be OK, so the Bullfrogs have now joined - which will compliment this website, it means you can also chat, gossip, listen to music or engage in   some banter.

27th August - The Bullfrogs ripped their way through an extended set of classic Rhythm & Blues numbers in a two set performance, the interaction between Dave & Derek was superb whilst the Rhythm section of Michelle & Rik continues to lay the foundations for a hot blues rockin' performance, starting with some classic blues numbers of Rock me baby & My baby she left me through the closure of an extended Bullfrog Blues with Rock n Roll medley squeezed in for good measure, ensured that the Bullfrogs go from strength to strength.  Many thanks to all at the George & Dragon Bryan, Jeff, Eve for making a great afternoon possible.

26th August - Yep pencil the date in 1.30pm kick off for the Bullfrogs at the George & Dragon. Good Food & Beer and company plus Rhythm n Blues. 

25th August - Apologies with email address now corrected and is

20th August - South Hill Park were entertained with a quick 40 minute set of Bullfrog songs - Including My baby, I'm Ready, Dont Start me, Ain't no saint, Watcha gonna do, Tattooed Lady, Messing with the Kid & a barn storming Bullfrog Blues leaving both the band and new found fans yelling for more.

18th August - Many thanks to Kelvin & the Red Lion for the hospitality & letting us show that we can both play some mean blues with old classics from Sonny Boy Williamson to modern classics by Rory Gallagher with a selection of goodies from Marriott / Dylan / Berry / Valen's to get the audience partying before finishing a great night with the boogie on down Bullfrog Blues.   

5th August - Tell you friends the BullFrogs are coming with a brand new set

1st August - Busy month ahead 3 gigs planned check out gig page

18th July - Yep the Bullfrogs are back rehearsing with a wide selection of new numbers, so get ready to party soon. 

31st May - More gigs to be announced shortly

30th May - Many thanks to the Bok Band & Carol & Bryan at the George & Dragon for a great Sunday afternoon of music. 

28th May - Set in a Marquee  in Sunny Oxfordshire the BullFrogs took the stage & ripped  through their rock, rhythm and blues set, kicking off with "Rock me baby" before breaking into  "My baby she left me"."Off the Handle" followed & rolls into a faster "Don't Start me talkin" followed by a slow driving blues of "I ain't no saint", the bass riff keeps "Morning Dew" fresh. Whilst the full-on rhythm and blues of "Tattooed Lady" allows the band to enjoy themselves as much as the audience clearly is. The audience is invited to sing along with "What ya gonna do" before the Harp & Guitar kick in for "Messing with the kid" and finally another sing-a-long to see if the audience is awake with "Knockin on Heavens Door". (For Pics click on Didcot Pics )

17th May - New Gigs announced (see Gig Page for details)

15th May - An outdoor music fest at the George and Dragon in Upton (Oxfordshire) organised by The Bok Band on Sunday May 28th. Also appearing will be the Bullfrogs, a Wycombe based band and The Peace Takers who are ZZ Top on speed. Other acts to be confirmed.

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