The Bullfrogs are proud to announce a page dedicated to trivia, jokes, rock n roll gossip, history & which legend was born on your birthday, just click on the links below for a whole extravaganza of interesting, silly information. 

Just Click on the links below for some fun

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Rockers Real Names

How Bands got there names

Yep and for another reason for non stop partying and drinking and mayhem look no further !

Or Just click on the month & scroll down to the date to find out who shares your birthday or other interesting musical facts for that date or month.

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Plus Music Trivia (Un interesting Facts)

Yep it's time to put right some of those rock n roll myths that have circulated for years & the Bullfrogs are happy to dispel the rumours & give you the whole truth about rock n roll. 

For all of you sad old gits who love trivia and love to bore the pants off your boozing partners in crime, this is the part of the site you have been waiting for. - Click on the trivia buttons

Trivia 1 - First hits for artists and Number One Hit Wonders

Trivia 2 - Songs and bands about numbers 

Trivia 3 - Songs about actors & fans & places

Trivia 4 - What bands / artists did for jobs along with bands who were named after animals & Famous Left Handers

Trivia 5 - Misheard lyrics

Trivia 6 - Is it true or false - music facts - including general info about songs / bands or rock stars kids names - your be hooked on this!!

Trivia 7 - Is about those Bands from record, TV, Video, DVD who used nom de plumes etc

Trivia 8 - Songs & Bands about colours

If you have any useless information that may fire the imagination drop us an email

(We believe most of the information is accurate but dont bet money on it as we cant be held responsible for your losses)

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