Who are "The Bullfrog Band"  

Blues Harp - Dave Meadowcroft 

Vox / Lead Guitar - Derek Stimson

Bass Guitar - Michelle Spurr

Drums & Naughty Rhythms - Rik Lovejoy

Plus occasional Frog mates & LSD & LAPD buddies, 

Tone Tanner (Bass) and Big Al Davies (Bass)  

Phil Davies (The Harp & Vox) and Brian Mainwaring (Harp)

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A Few comments so far from the Punters who have seen the Bullfrogs include:

The Travelling Shoes - "The BullFrog Band are one of those bands that remind you that playing in a rock 'n' roll band is actually about having fun and entertaining the audience. Chris and Julian saw them at the opening night at the George V in Wycombe and were very impressed, when most 'muso' bands are disapearing up there own ar*es ( not us obviously, well not usually anyway) these guys kept it straight and full on. Eclectic choice of material and the drummer does a nice line in silly hats and message boards while never missing a beat. Best night we've had in ages!"

Bill Abey (George Brocks Guitarist) - "Reminded me of the Yardbirds and the energy they had".

Mick (Marriott ex Roadie) - "Thought I was back with Steve Marriott"

Martin  - "Reminded me of the 70's and bands like the Count Bishops, Feelgoods, Hot Rods"

Barry - "Done a lot of traveling, seen a lot of bands, but these guys seriously are good, need bigger venues, brilliant guitarist, band works so hard"

Waverider - "Great Gig in Bracknell with Big George you guys got everyone in the mood!"

H n A - "Roadied for Pink Floyd & been to USA and never seen so much passion" 

Danny - "Your like a breath of fresh air, and have renewed my belief in live music, after months of musicians playing for themselves" (November 2012)

GMT (Guy/McCoy/Torme)- "Loved the stuff, the bastard sons of R n B is a good description"

Hope and Anchor Regular - "Best band we had down here"

Bob - 'Best band we had at Wargrave Festival'

Rob - "One of the best guitarists we had a Swanage Blues Fest"

Helen - 'Cant believe a band that plays Rory Gallagher like Rory'

Richard M - "Reminded me of early Feelgood's with all that energy"

Aran - "Ya that's it lads-music means nothing and is not half as good if the musicians are not having a good time themselves-look at any of Gallagher's impassioned performances"

Ian - "I've been watching your band's videos, because you're more of a 'working band' than the bloody rock-stars. Who doesn't want to be a rock star, though? Keep the blues alive! It's a duty we must fulfill."

Trev (Acre Club) - "Band is best we ha at club"  

Jim (Rory Fest) - "They made the festival come alive"

Didcot Blues Club - "A band destined for bigger things, best night we've had down here"

Reading BBC Radio Presenter - 'Amazing band fell off my stilleto's dancing and sprained my ankle'

Graham - "Is every gig with you party, you always give 110%" (November 2007)

Steve - "You folks know how to rock"

Mark - "Great entertainment, got to see them again soon"

Marlos - "Nicely done, guys. Keep on rockin!"

Claire - "Didn't realise how good they would be"

Chris - "One of the best bands I've seem for ages, hang onto the drummer"

John - "Cant take my eyes off the band when you play in case I miss something"

Gallagher123 - "Fantastic Love the Drummer and Bassist. Really hold the beat Guitar and Harp great too. More please "

Els - "Derek the showman was brilliant (the singing and the way he plays) and loved the way you all communicated, there is a very close connection between Rik and Derek and you all put some fun and humour in it to"

M - "I can honestly say I was blown away. Wicked, absolutely fabaroonie"  

Travis - "I was partying right there with you. Good time blues."

Brian -  "Drummers insane where did you get him from"

Mac - "Years since I last saw & heard a band with such steamin blues & rock, you folks rock"

Eugene - "Always a delight to see you, as you put a smile on everyone's face &  your enjoyment and enthusiasm puts everyone in the mood"

Big Azza -"Hey guys, thanks for a good night Sat, was rockin. Think I've gone deaf in my right ear tho', was a bit close to the speaker but was the only seat left in the place when I got there. I SAID I THINK I've GONE DEAF IN MY RIGHT EAR......great night, crazy drummer, party on!

Jean Alain Roussel  - "You sound just GREAT - Performances "straight from the heart" ! ! !

Andy - "You guys just give your all and can turn any audience around"

Rich (Windsor) - 'Awesome band so much energy great tunes'

Tom - "You just go for it all the time, one lively Rock band"

Mickey - "Whatever it is ... you got it!! Just keep on rockin'

Trenbuckers - "You've got great taste in influences and brill versions of the songs. Love em all".

Jimmy - "Never seen an audience or a band enjoy themselves so much"

Terry - "Loved there music & the bouncing drummer"

Gov'nor of one of the Wagon "They are crazy, but the best band we've had here in years, and the drummers mad" 

More from Walnut Tree - "Best drummer I've seen here, Guitarist rocks"

Even More Walnut Tree - "Great entertainment, first time I've seen a band down here enjoying themselves, too many bands are up there own arse's" (Feb 08)

John - "Its nice to see a band enjoying themselves & partying, everyone else then has a good time"

Scotty - "Drummers mental, love his choice of hats, only broke the one stool tonight"

Lock Stock n barrel - "The punters loved them"

The Blueskick - "Great songs, keep on rocking the blues"

Carol - "Didn't know I could dance so much, you really party"

Andy (21 South Street) - "Forgot the drummer was a nutter"

Graham - "You cant take your eyes off them in case you miss something"

Guitarific "Great attitude guys !!! Sounds F**king great"

Syd Geary - "Top notch sound geezers I just love it"

Honey Boy Hicklings Drummer - "How come he can throw his drum sticks 20 feet in the air and catch  them'

Big Al - "You guys just get better & better"

Stan - "These boys rock, they just really enjoy themselves"

Mike - "Wish I could join them on stage, they really enjoy themselves"

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